Parallel Texts Aligning


ABBYY Aligner  v.1.0

ABBYY Aligner is a professional tool for aligning texts and creating Translation Memories. The software has an easy-to-use interface and high quality of alignment which ensures quick and easy Translation Memories creation.

Parallel text creator  v.1.1

Create parallel texts easily with this software. All the tools you need to align texts on paragraph and sentence level. Export parallel texts in popular Ebook and other formats


WordListMaker  v.4 3

Quickly create word lists from files and websites. Sort words by frequency. Solve anagrams and get hints for word games like scrabble. Analyze texts. Discover language patterns. Create and analyze parallel texts.

TR Assistant  v.2 3

TR Assistant is a dictionary lookup program to manage monolingual and bilingual dictionaries and references as well as databases of parallel texts in different languages.

NOVA Text Aligner  v.1.1

NOVA Text Aligner is a tool designed to make manual text alignment as easy and simple as possible.

Classical Text Editor  v.

The Classical Text Editor was designed to enable scholars working on a critical edition or on a text with commentary or translation to prepare a camera-ready copy or electronic publication without bothering much about making up and page proofs.

TranscriptionWriter  v.1.1

Write words with the help of phonetic symbols. TranscriptionWriter includes a set of phonetic rules taken from Wikipedia. The rules are systematized and represented together with examples of usage. Also,

Parallel Port Viewer  v.1.27.043

Description: This program allows you to view and control parallel port on hardware level.

Equalizer - Parallel Rendering  v.0.55

Equalizer - Parallel Rendering is an open source project providing a minimally invasive programming interface and resource management system for parallel, scalable OpenGL applications.

Parallel Password Recovery (RAR  v.

Parallel Password Recovery (RAR module) is a program for recovering passwords for RAR/WinRAR compressed files. It supports multi-core CPUs and GPUs, up to eight total in your machine to take full advantage of your hardware technology.

Quick Texts  v.1 1

Quick Texts is an utility to speed up your editing process when using a lot of Copy & Paste operations of same texts. If you have to Copy & Paste during a day same texts like email signatures or standard answers, links, quotes, source code ...

RSP Parallel Port Connection OCX  v.1. 2. 2000

ActiveX OCX to connect two PCs using a LapLink parallel cable ( Turbo cable ) , the connection don't requires any other software installed in order to work , it can transfer files in any Windows based machine , just plug the cable ,

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